listing-review for: 1224 Fillmore ST Denver CO 80206

I love the history in this neighborhood! This property still has the charm the early 1920s. 1918 to be exact. The wood around the fireplace comma front window, and the Exquisite built in make me smile.

So do clothing shoots from right outside of the kitchen down into the laundry room.

The kitchen is probably the least impressive that I have been in for a long time especially in this price range. The bathroom could use updating as well.

I really like this floor plan and remember the first time I was in a similar property decades ago.

Possibly one of my favorite parts of the property is the backyard. The Garden area is beginning to bloom.

There is a lot of finish space in the basement and a two-car garage is always a plus!

I have had clients looking for a place like this for a while. Something you can put your own stamp on. just remember to look Beyond just the need for Rouge and makeup. the boiler looks newer than the original comma don’t forget to check out the sewer line!

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