listing-review for: 1015 S Madison ST Denver CO 80209

The first thing I would do would be cut back the trees! You can barely even see the house from the street. The kitchen updates are okay and the rest of the property does offer a somewhat blank canvas to create your own home.

Where I was hoping for larger bedrooms and more personality in the home, I did find the property located in a great part of the neighborhood within walking distance to most everything.

I cannot say that I am an expert on asbestos but I might suggest testing for it if you are concerned in the basement. the boiler is original to the home I would expect. There is a radon mitigation device in the basement. if you choose to finish basement you might find more work then finish space in the long run.

As always, I suggest having the sewer line scoped. I was trying to see where it ran in conjunction to the soft spot in the plaster walking up the stairs. I do not have X-ray vision but make sure you have everything checked out during an inspection.