listing-review for: 969 Jackson ST Denver CO 80206

this property has had an extensive renovation and pop. The kitchen is very 2016. you know, white is in! I am very impressed by the kitchen aid stove, it is a nice commercial look and I bet it has self cleaning as opposed to the super expensive commercial units which do not.

The mud room off of the garage is the Colorado! There are cubbies for each family member.

I am also impressed that the developer was able to have a back patio and also leave a bit of grass for family enjoyment.

The master bedroom is not huge but an ice bath is attached. The closet is not huge either but it is a walk-in. The kids rooms are nicely sized and one has its own bath or the other to share a bath.

I especially appreciate the wall texture. It is so nice not to see the old standard knockdown also known as orange peel that gives me nightmares I’ve seen it so much in the past 25 years in real estate.

Lastly, the basement is definitely usable space. there are some parts where the ceiling is a bit low and I don’t understand why they did not replace the window in the basement bathroom after doing so much everywhere else in the property.

This is going to be a wonderful family home. It offers an exceptional location and adequate space.

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