listing-review for: 1346 Clayton ST Denver CO 80206

this property has sort of a funky layout. You walk in and dang! you’re in the kitchen. The living space off the kitchen is probably sufficient that you could live comfortably.

The half bath on the main is also rather unique and sports chalkboard paint. It literally has a raised throne 4 the toilet.

The yard is somewhat non-existent but there is definitely an updated electrical system for the property.

I need to make a note to find out who did the concrete countertops for this property, I love them!

As I walked into what I thought was the master bedroom and bath to the left it definitely keep with the funky styling of the property.

Then I walked into the second master bedroom and the bathroom while still funky is rather awesome with a gorgeous stand alone tub.

Going up the spiral staircase leads to more space. I am not positive what I would do up there.

The basement is a great place for storage of things and sports a newer furnace into hot water heaters. My thought is they had to increase the water heater capacity for the new bathtub.

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