listing-review for: 1020 Detroit 80206

This property has been in the same family since the mid-1970s. When you talk about a fix-up, this is a fix up! I’m not sure if there is much that doesn’t need a loving touch done to it. Their good points are definitely the location and there are three bedrooms upstairs! Unfortunately, there is only one bathroom upstairs.

It needs most likely everything as I mentioned before. There might be some structural issues that need attending to looking at some of the cracks visible on the exterior of the garage. Please note that the back addition was cinder block, there are some methods to better insulate cinder block. I would fathom a guess that nothing was done yet to rectify this possible issue.

I would again strongly suggest a sewer scope.

When all of the work is completed, I would guess the property value would be in the $700,000+ level

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